FLoC Workshops

The following workshops are part of FLoC 2010. In addition, there are a number of other affiliated events; please see the table below for details.

AFM 10 5th Automated Formal Methods Workshop
ASA-4 4th International Workshop on Analysis of Security APIs
ASPOCP10 Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms
CHR 2010 7th International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules
CICLOPS-WLPE-2010 Joint CICLOPS-WLPE Workshop FLoC-2010
CLoDeM2010 International Workshop on Comparing Logical Decision Methods
Coq-2 2nd Workshop of Coq users, developers, and contributors
DCM 2010 6th International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models
DTP 10 Dependently Typed Programming 2010
EC2-2010 Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly
EMSQMS 2010 Workshop on Evaluation Methods for Solvers, and Quality Metrics for Solutions
FCC10 6th Workshop on Formal and Computational Cryptography
FCS-PrivMod 2010 Workshop on Foundations of Security and Privacy
HOR 2010 5th International Workshop on Higher-Order Rewriting
HWVW10 1st Hardware Verification Workshop
HyLo 2010 Hybrid Logic and Applications 2010
ICLP10-DC 6th ICLP Doctoral Consortium
IFIP-WG1.6 2010 Annual Meeting of the IFIP Working Group 1.6 on Term Rewriting
ITRS 2010 Intersection Types and Related Systems 2010
IWS2010 International Workshop on Strategies in Rewriting, Proving, and Programming
LAM10 3rd International Workshop on Logics, Agents, and Mobility
LaSh 2010 3rd International Workshop on Logic and Search
LCC/PPC 2010 Logic and Complexity: Joint Workshop on LCC and PPC
LFMTP 2010 5th International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages
LfSA 2010 Logics for Systems Analysis
LoCoCo 2010 Workshop on Logics for Component Configuration
LOLA 2010 Syntax and Semantics of Low Level Languages
LSB-10 Workshop on Logic and Systems Biology
MLPA-10 2nd Workshop on Module Systems and Libraries for Proof Assistants
MLQA-10 Models and Logics for Quantitative Analysis
NSV-3 3rd International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification
PAAR-2010 Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning
PAR-10 Partiality and Recursion in Interactive Theorem Provers
PCARC 2010 Partial Combinatory Algebras in Realizability and Computability
POS-10 Pragmatics of SAT
PSPL 2010 International Workshop on Proof Systems for Program Logics
PSTT10 International Workshop on Proof Search in Type Theories
PSY 10 2nd International Workshop on Practical Synthesis for Concurrent Systems (now combined with SVARM)
SMT 2010 International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories
SVARM 2010 Synthesis, Verification and Analysis of Rich Models
UITP10 9th International Workshop On User Interfaces for Theorem Provers
UniDL10 1st Workshop on Uncertainty in Description Logics
UNIF 2010 24th International Workshop on Unification
VERIFY-2010 6th International Verification Workshop
WCB10 Workshop on Constraint Based Methods for Bioinformatics
WG17 WG17 International Conference on Logic for Programming
WING 2010 Workshop on Invariant Generation
WST 2010 11th International Workshop on Termination