WST 2010 Accepted Papers

An Abstract Path Ordering
Length preserving string rewriting with exponential derivation length
On Disproving Termination of Constrained Term Rewriting Systems
A Purely Logical Approach to Program Termination
Non-termination analysis of Logic Programs using Types
Certification extends Termination Techniques
Termination Analysis of Logic Programs with Cut Using Dependency Triples
Outermost Termination via Contextual Dependency Pairs
Scaling termination proofs by a characterisation of cycles in CHR
A New Path Order for Exponential Time
The Derivational Complexity of the Bits Function and the Derivation Gap Principle
Dependency Graphs, Relative Rule Removal, the Subterm Criterion and Derivational Complexity
Polynomial Termination over N and R does not imply Polynomial Termination over Q
A Computability Path Ordering for Polymorphic Terms
The Acyclicity Inference of COSTA
Higher Order Dependency Pairs with Argument Filterings
Improvements on the "Size Change Termination Principle" in a functional language
Match-Bounds for Relative Termination