Program of WING

Wednesday, July 21st

Wednesday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

09:00‑10:00 Invited Talk
Location: AT 2.11
09:00 Helmut Seidl
Abstract Interpretation Meets Mathematical Optimization
10:30‑12:28 Regular Papers and Tool Demos
Location: AT 2.11
10:30 Stephane Gaubert, Ricardo Katz and Sergei Sergeev
Tropical linear programming and parametric mean payoff games
11:00 Michael Franssen
Cocktail II
11:22 Igor Konnov
CheAPS: a Checker of Asynchronous Parameterized Systems
11:44 Ewen Maclean, Andrew Ireland and Gudmund Grov
Synthesising Functional Invariants in Separation Logic
12:06 Florian Zuleger and Moritz Sinn
LOOPUS - A Tool for Computing Loop Bounds for C Programs
14:00‑15:00 Invited Talk
Location: AT 2.11
14:00 Sumit Gulwani
Methods for Loop Invariant Generation
15:30‑17:28 Regular Papers and Tool Demos
Chair: Andrei Voronkov
Location: AT 2.11
15:30 Matthias Kuntz, Stefan Leue and Christoph Scheben
Extending Non-Termination Proof Techniques to Communicating Asynchronous Concurrent Programs
16:00 Daniel Kroening, Natasha Sharygina, Stefano Tonetta, Aliaksei Tsitovich and Christoph M. Wintersteiger
Loopfrog — loop summarization for static analysis
16:22 Vlad Volkov, Alexander Letichevsky, Alexander Kolchin, Oleksandr Letychevskyy jr., Stepan Potiyenko and Thomas Weigert
Formal Requirements Capturing using VRS system
16:44 Alexei Lisitsa
Finite countermodels as invariants. A case study in verification of parameterized mutual exclusion protocol
17:06 Radu Iosif, Marius Bozga, Filip Konecny and Tomas Vojnar
Tool Demonstration of the FLATA Counter Automata Toolset