SAT'10 Accepted Papers

Lower bounds for width-restricted clause learning on small width formulas
Statistical Methodology for Comparison of SAT Solvers
Assignment Stack Shrinking
Complexity Results for Linear XSAT Problems
Non Uniform Selection of Solutions for Upper Bounding the 3-SAT Threshold
Bounds on Threshold of Regular Random $k$-SAT
Improving stochastic local search for SAT with instance specific information and a new probability distribution
Zero-One Designs Produce Small Hard SAT Instances
Automated Testing and Debugging of SAT and QBF Solvers
Green-Tao Numbers and SAT
A Non-Prenex, Non-Clausal QBF Solver with Game-State Learning
An Exact Algorithm for the Boolean Connectivity Problem for k-CNF
On Moderately Exponential Time for SAT
Rewriting (Dependency-)Quantified 2-CNF with Arbitrary Free Literals into Existential 2-HORN
Uniquely Satisfiable k-SAT Instances with Almost Minimal Occurrences of Each Variable
Simple but Hard Mixed Horn Formulas
Integrating Dependency Schemes in Search-Based QBF Solvers
Some Techniques for Minimizing Resolution Proofs
sQueezeBF: An effective preprocessor for QBFs
Reconstructing Solutions after Blocked Clause Elimination
Encoding Techniques, Craig Interpolants and Bounded Model Checking for Incomplete Designs
Minimising Deterministic Büchi Automata Precisely using SAT Solving
Improved Local Search for Circuit Satisfiability
SAT Solving with Reference Points
A system for solving constraint satisfaction problems with SMT
On the Relative Merits of Simple Local Search Methods for the Max Sat Problem
Improving Unsatisfiability-based Algorithms for Boolean Optimization
Symmetry and Satisfiability: An Update
Dynamic Scoring Functions with Variable Expressions: New SLS Methods for Solving SAT
Synthesizing Shortest Straight-Line Programs over GF(2) using SAT
Exploiting Circuit Representations in QBF solving
An Empirical Study of Optimal Noise and Runtime Distributions in Local Search
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