RTA 2010 Accepted Papers

Proving Productivity in Infinite Data Structures
Simulation in the Call-by-Need Lambda-Calculus with letrec
Closing the Gap Between Runtime Complexity and Polytime Computability
Polynomial Interpretations over the Reals do not Subsume Polynomial Interpretations over the Integers
Certified Subterm Criterion and Certified Usable Rules
Order-Sorted Unification with Regular Expression Sorts
The undecidability of type related problems in type-free style System F
Infinitary Rewriting: Foundations Revisited
Computing Critical Pairs in 2-Dimensional Rewriting Systems
Abstract Models of Transfinite Reductions
Modular Complexity Analysis via Relative Complexity
Partial Order Infinitary Term Rewriting and Böhm Trees
Declarative Debugging of Missing Answers for Maude Specifications
Unique Normal Forms in Infinitary Weakly Orthogonal Term Rewriting
Weak Convergence and Uniform Normalization in Infinitary Rewriting
Underspecified computation of normal forms
Polynomially Bounded Matrix Interpretations
Termination of linear bounded term rewriting systems
An Efficient Nominal Unification Algorithm
Automated Termination Analysis of Java Bytecode by Term Rewriting
A proof calculus which reduces syntactic bureaucracy
A Rewriting Logic Semantics Approach to Modular Program Analysis
Automated Confluence Proof by Decreasing Diagrams based on Rule-Labelling