Program of PCARC

Friday, July 9th

Friday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

09:00‑10:00 Session 1
Location: IF 1.15
09:00 Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana)
Reflexive domains and coherence numbers
10:30‑12:30 Session 2
Location: IF 1.15
10:30 Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht)
Some more on relative realizability
11:30 Pino Rosolini (Genova)
Remarks on realizability
14:00‑15:00 Session 3
Location: IF 1.15
14:00 John Longley (Edinburgh)
In what 2-category do PCAs most naturally live?
15:30‑16:30 Session 4
Location: IF 1.15
15:30 Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt)
A categorical account of Krivine's classical realizability