Program of NSV

Thursday, July 15th

Thursday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

08:30‑09:30 Invited talk
Location: AT LT3
08:30 Sylvie Boldo (INRIA Saclay)
Formal verification of numerical programs: from C annotated programs to Coq proofs
09:30‑10:00 Session 1
Location: AT LT3
09:30 Pieter Collins, Milad Niqui and Nathalie Revol
A Taylor Function Calculus for Hybrid System Analysis: Validation in Coq (Extended abstract)
10:30‑12:30 Session 2
Location: AT LT3
10:30 Vijay D'Silva, Leopold Haller and Daniel Kroening
SMT-Style Program Analysis with Value-based Refinements
11:00 Stef Graillat, Fabienne Jézéquel and Yuxiang Zhu
Stochastic Arithmetic in Multiprecision
11:30 Hong Diep Nguyen and Nathalie Revol
Doubling the precision for the residual and the solution in interval iterative refinement for linear system solving and certifying
12:00 Vijay D'silva
Properties Provable with Abstract Domains.
13:30‑14:30 Invited talk
Location: AT LT3
13:30 Eric Feron (Dutton-Ducoffe Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Applications of control to formal software semantics
14:30‑15:00 Session 3
Location: AT LT3
14:30 Stephen F. Siegel, Timothy Zirkel and Yi Wei
A Functional Equivalence Verification Suite for High-Performance Scientific Computing
15:30‑16:00 Session 4
Location: AT LT3
15:30 Stephen F. Siegel, Yi Wei and Timothy Zirkel
The Toolkit for Accurate Scientific Software