Program of LoCoCo

Saturday, July 10th

Saturday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

09:00‑10:00 Invited Talk
Location: IF 1.16
09:00 Carsten Sinz (University of Karlsruhe)
Software Configuration: What can we learn from Product Configuration?
10:30‑12:30 Session 1
Location: IF 1.16
10:30 Claude Michel and Michel Rueher
Handling software upgradeability problems with MILP solvers
11:00 Josep Argelich, Daniel Le Berre, Ines Lynce, Joao Marques-Silva and Pascal Rapicault
Solving Linux Upgradeability Problems Using Boolean Optimization
11:30 Paulo Trezentos
Comparison of PBO solvers in a dependency solving domain
12:00 Emmanuel Ohayon, Matthieu Lemerre and Vincent David
CONFIGEN: A tool for management of configuration options
14:00‑15:00 Session 2
Location: IF 1.16
14:00 Andreas Kübler, Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin
Model Counting in Product Configuration
14:30 Roberto Di Cosmo and Ralf Treinen (Université Paris-Diderot)
Result of the MISC Competition