LICS 2010 Accepted Papers

Fixed-Point Definability and Polynomial Time on Graphs with Excluded Minors
On the Scope of the Universal-Algebraic Approach to Constraint Satisfaction
Polarity and the logic of delimited continuations
A Sound and Complete Calculus for finite Stream Circuits
Deciding definability in FO2(<) on trees
Strong normalization of System F by HOAS on top of FOAS
The Expressive Power of Synchronizations
On Strong Maximality of Paraconsistent Finite-Valued Logics
The Isomorphism Problem On Classes of Automatic Structures
Parikh Images of Grammars: Complexity and Applications
Highly Acyclic Groups, Hypergraph Covers and the Guarded Fragment
Modular Construction of Fixed Point Combinators and Clocked Boehm Trees
Omega-QRB-Domains and the Probabilistic Powerdomain
A calculus of contracting processes
Undecidability of propositional separation logic and its neighbours
The Undecidability of Boolean BI through Phase Semantics
Alternating Timed Automata over Bounded Time
Addition-invariant FO and regularity
A Generic Operational Metatheory for Algebraic Effects
Querying the Guarded Fragment
On the strictness of the first-order quantifier structure hierarchy over finite structures
Segal condition meets computational effects
An extension of data automata that captures XPath
The Emptiness Problem for Tree Automata with Global Constraints
On the expressivity of symmetry in event structures
Regular cost functions over finite trees
Lower Bounds for the Complexity of Monadic Second-Order Logic
Capturing Polynomial Time on Interval Graphs
Game Semantics for a  Polymorphic Programming Language
New conditions for Taylor varieties and CSP
Breaking Paths in Atomic Flows for Classical Logic
On Probabilistic Automata In Continuous Time
An intuitionistic logic that proves Markov's principle
Equality is typable in Semi-Full Pure Type Systems
Coalgebras, Chu Spaces, and Representations of Physical Systems
Infinitary completeness in ludics
A finiteness structure on resource terms