LCC10: July 10

11th International Workshop on Logic and Computational Complexity

associated with LICS


LCC meetings are aimed at the foundational interconnections between logic and computational complexity, as present, for example, in implicit computational complexity (descriptive and type-theoretic methods); deductive formalisms as they relate to complexity (e.g. ramification, weak comprehension, bounded arithmetic, linear logic and resource logics); complexity aspects of finite model theory and databases; complexity-mindful program derivation and verification; computational complexity at higher type; and proof complexity.

More information can be found here.


Program Chairs

Stephan Kreutzer, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Simona Ronchi della Rocca, Universita' di Torino - dipartimento di Informatica, Italy

Program Committee:

Andrjez Bulatov, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Phokion Kolaitis, UC Santa Cruz and IBM Almaden, United States
Ian Krajicek, Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic
Olivier Laurent, CNRS - ENS Lyon, France
Jean Yves Moyen, LIPN -- Université Paris 13, France
Damian Niwinski, Warsaw University, Poland