Program of IFIP-WG1.6

Saturday, July 10th

Saturday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

09:00‑10:00 Session 1
Location: IF 1.15
09:00 Kristoffer Rose
Compromising Rewriting (Abstract)
09:30 Beniamino Accattoli and Delia Kesner
The structural lambda-calculus
10:30‑12:30 Session 2
Location: IF 1.15
10:30 Georg Moser
Complexity Analysis of Programs by Rewriting
11:00 Salvador Lucas
Matrix interpretations over the rationals and matrix interpretations over the naturals
11:30 Bernhard Gramlich
Conditional via Unconditional Rewriting - Some Recent Developments
12:00 Hans Zantema
Proving equality of infinite terms: co-inductive theorem proving
14:00‑15:00 Session 3
Location: IF 1.15
14:00 Maribel Fernandez
PORGY: a strategy driven interactive environment for visualisation and transformation of graphs
14:30 Tetsuo Ida
Graph Rewriting in Computational Origami
15:30‑17:30 Session 4
Location: IF 1.15
15:30 Temur Kutsia
Parameterized Generalization of Unranked Terms
16:00 Helene Kirchner
Operational Specification and Verification of Security Policies
16:30 Maria Paola Bonacina
Research activities related to term rewriting at the Universita` degli Studi di Verona
17:00 Vincent van Oostrom. Report on ISR 2010 and Discussion on ISR
17:15 Business Meeting