Program of FCS-PrivMod

Wednesday, July 14th

Wednesday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

10:30‑12:30 Session 1
Chair: Tom Chothia
Location: AT LT1
10:30 Max Kanovich, Tajana Ban Kirigin, Vivek Nigam and Andre Scedrov
Progressing Collaborative Systems
11:00 Abdessamad IMINE, Zeeshan Ahmed and Michael Rusinowitch
Safe and Efficient Strategies for Updating Firewall Policies
11:30 Hakima Ould-Slimane, Mohamed Mejri and Kamel Adi
Enforcing More Than Safety Properties by Program Rewriting: Algebraic Foundations
12:00 Etienne Lozes
Towards Information as Resource in Separation Logic
14:00‑15:00 Session 2
Chair: Mark Ryan
Location: AT LT1
14:00 Bart Jacobs (Technical University Eindhoven)
Privacy and security issues in e-ticketing
15:30‑17:00 Session 3
Chair: Ben Smyth
Location: AT LT1
15:30 Jonathan Millen and John Ramsdell
Annotated sequence diagrams
16:00 Ralf Kuesters, Henning Schnoor and Tomasz Truderung
A Formal Definition of Online Abuse-freeness
16:30 SARR Augustin P., Elbaz--Vincent Philippe and Bajard Jean--Claude
Enhanced Security and Efficiency for Authenticated Key Agreement
Thursday, July 15th

Thursday's program is also available with abstracts and side by side with other events.

09:00‑10:00 Session 4
Chair: Véronique Cortier
Location: AT LT1
09:00 Hubert Comon-Lundh (CNRS & ENS de Cachan)
Symbolic and computational proofs of security
10:30‑12:30 Session 5
Chair: Bart Jacobs
Location: AT LT1
10:30 Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Cédric Fournet and Nataliya Guts
Pre- and Post-conditions for Security Typechecking
11:00 Morten Dahl and Hans Hüttel
Don't Let The Opponents Grind You Down
11:30 Radha Jagadeesan, Alan Jeffrey, Corin Pitcher and James Riely
Confidential Safety via Correspondence Assertions
12:00 Sreekanth Malladi
Protocol independence through disjoint encryption under Exclusive-OR
14:00‑15:00 Session 6
Chair: Vitaly Shmatikov
Location: AT LT1
14:00 Michael Clarkson (Cornell University)
Privacy in Electronic Voting
15:30‑17:00 Session 7
Chair: Catuscia Palamidessi
Location: AT LT1
15:30 Morten Dahl, Stéphanie Delaune and Graham Steel
Formal Analysis of Privacy for Vehicular Mix-Zones
16:00 Tom Chothia, Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis and Apratim Guha
Calculating Information Leakage from System Tests: Mix Nodes and e-Passports