CICLOPS-WLPE-2010: July 15

Joint CICLOPS-WLPE Workshop FloC-2010

associated with ICLP


CICLOPS is a series of colloquia on the implementation of constraint logic programming. Logic and Constraint programming is an important declarative programming paradigm. The features offered by this paradigm such as rule-basedness, pattern matching, automated backtracking, recursion, tabling, and constraint solving have been proved convenient for many programming tasks. Recent improvements in implementation technologies combined with advances in hardware and systems software have made logic and constraint programming a viable choice for many real-world problems.

WLPE is a series of workshops on practical logic-based software development methods and tools. Software plays a crucial role in modern society. While software keeps on growing in size and complexity, it is more than ever required to be delivered on time, free of error and meeting the most stringent efficiency requirements. Thus more demands are placed on the software developer, and consequently, the need for methods and tools that support the programmer in every aspect of the software development process is widely recognized. Logic plays a fundamental role in analysis, verification and optimization in all programming languages, not only in those based directly on logic. The use of logic-based techniques in software development is a very active area in computing; emerging programming paradigms and growing complexity of the properties to be verified pose new challenges for the community, while emerging reasoning techniques can be exploited.

CICLOPS-WLPE 2010 aims at bringing together, in an informal setting, people involved in research in the design and implementation of logic and constraint programming languages and systems and on logic-based methods and tools which support program development and analysis. In addition to papers describing more conceptual and theoretical work, papers describing the implementation of, and experience with, such tools will be welcome.

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Invited Talks

Program Chairs

German Vidal, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Neng-Fa Zhou, CUNY Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, United States

Program Committee:

Rafael Caballero, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain
Martin Gebser, Universität Potsdam, Germany
Samir Genaim, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Yoshitaka Kameya, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Andy King, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Huiqing Li, University of Kent, United Kingdom
Lunjin Lu, Oakland University, United States
Paulo Moura, University of Beira Interior, Portugal, Portugal
Ulrich Neumerkel, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Enrico Pontelli, New Mexico State University, United States
Vítor Santos Costa, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Joachim Schimpf, Monash University, Australia
Peter Schneider-Kamp, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Wim Vanhoof, University of Namur, Belgium