CHR 2010: July 20

Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules

associated with ICLP


The Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) language has become a major declarative specification formalism and implementation language for constraint reasoning algorithms and applications. Algorithms are often specified using inference rules, rewrite rules, sequents, proof rules, or logical axioms that can be directly written in CHR. Its clean semantics facilitates program design, analysis, and transformation. See the CHR website for more information.

The aim of the CHR workshop series is to stimulate and promote international research and collaboration on topics related to the Constraint Handling Rules language. The workshop is a lively, friendly forum for presenting and discussing new results, interesting applications, and work in progress.

More information can be found here.


Invited Talks

More details are available at the CHR 2010 website.

Program Chairs

Leslie De Koninck, NICTA, Australia
Peter Van Weert, K.U.Leuven, Dept. of Computer Science, Belgium

Program Committee:

Sebastian Brand, NICTA Victoria Research Lab, University of Melbourne, Australia
Henning Christiansen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Veronica Dahl, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Thom Fruehwirth, University of Ulm, Germany
Marco Gavanelli, University of Ferrara, Italy
Rémy Haemmerlé, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Maria Chiara Meo, Dipartimento di Scienze, Italy
Paolo Pilozzi, K.U.Leuven - Dept. of Comp. Sc., Belgium
Frank Raiser, University of Ulm, Germany
Jairson Vitorino, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Armin Wolf, Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany